Role of YOGA for A Natural Glow in the Skin


Role of YOGA for A Natural Glow in the SkinPoor lifestyle and deteriorating food are impacting our body and skin. The glow of the skin is affecting our skin day by day. To maintain the glow of the skin, you will use many types of makeup products, but still, there is not much difference on your face. But yoga is a medium through which your skin will glow and you will look younger. So now you should adopt yoga instead of makeup products. Many asanas will make your skin glow and glow.


Asana Poses for Glowing Skin:

There is a list of poses of yoga that you should do for a natural glow in the skin.

Sarvangasana: By doing Sarvangasana, the amount of blood in our body increases, which makes our skin glow. Not only are these, but the pimples on the face also reduced by performing Sarvangasana. To perform this first lies down on your back. Now keep your feet folded together and slowly lift upwards. Now support the elbows on the ground by holding the waist with both hands. After this, keep your feet straight upwards and head on the ground. You have to do this asana at least for a minute. With time, you can increase according to your comfort.

Halasan: Practice this asana for a natural glow on the face. The first lie on the ground on the back, now slowly raise the legs without bending and straighten to a 90-degree angle, resort to the hands to lift the legs straight. After this posture, rotate the feet 180 degrees, so that your feet are above the head and hands are directly on the ground. Do not jerk the body or feet in any way while coming to a normal position.

Shavasan: In this posture, leave your entire body loose and lie on the ground and close your eyes and focus on your breath. This is the most relaxing posture. This calms the mind and relieves tension, as a result of which the face is naturally glowing. Sit on a flat place before doing this. Now release your breath inside. Do this asana as often as possible.

Utthanasana: In this asana, the face is placed downwards, thereby increasing the circulation of blood towards the face. This asana has a very important place in getting glowing skin. Continuous practice of this asana increases the amount of oxygen in the skin cells. The practice of this asana also increases the number of nutrients in the skin. They also help to protect our skin from free radicals and seasonal effects on the skin.

Bharadvajasan: Our digestive system is directly related to our health. If our health is good, then our skin will glow. Bharadvajasan is the major asana performed in Hatha Yoga. This sitting posture that stretches the body help in removing toxic toxins and other harmful elements from the body.

Matsyasana: In this posture, our body makes a fish pose or a fish like a pose. Practicing this asana not only improves the health of our skin, in addition to this, it helps to keep the thyroid pineal, pituitary gland and hormone also normal. These asanas give a good stretch or stretch to the muscles of our body. This stretch most common falls on the muscles of the face and throat. Because of which this posture also frees us from the problem of a double chin. 
Whether it is pollution or weather, the skin is the first to suffer. That’s why skincare is important. To overcome all these problems, we should start yoga that helps in glowing skin.

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