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Will you like to buy up a home theatre this year?  No one can meet the experience the best automated and high-end home theater system on Amazon can deliver. Enjoying a movie or listening to music on an advanced surround sound system and speakers. Rather, turn out to be the best experience. But, the path to an awesome home theatre system is not just investing a lot of money but setting up the system rightly with proper guidelines too.

Proper guideline to set the home theatre system in your home


Select the TV depending on the size of your room. You should measure the maximum number of people who would be watching the screen from a specific distance to get the maximum enjoyment.

Not only the size of the TV is it also significant to observe the kind of lighting in the room that you would be provided. It prevents you lower the load on eyes while watching TV and make the picture quality much advanced.


All home theater systems tackle both movies and music, but if you desire to watch movies then you might wish to look out for 4 high-end speaker boxes. In the present era, home theatres provide the full package. Wireless speakers and woofers present these days, make the setup and simple process too. For the best but high-quality sound placing two stereo speakers on either side of the TV is a good choice.


You can position the TV and couches first followed by a plan to place the speakers and receiver. Placement should be done depending on the seating arrangement as per your wish. You can make the speaker placement before you commence running wires to arrange set-up easy and quick.

An Exclusive feature of Amazon home theatre system

High-End Equipment

The quality of the equipment you select for your home theater works for long toward providing that best experience.

  • Screen: different screen types and materials are controlled for different room environments. White screens are significant for traditional theater rooms without proper light.
  • Projector: Assure your consult with your home theater designer and installer about the best choice for your space. For the best picture, select a projector with a native 4K resolution.
Deal Price on Amazon – Rs. 5999
  • Speakers: Surround sound is very essential for home theaters.

Select a system that helps you to adjust sound levels and base frequencies to be regulated for space.

  • A/V Equipment: You don’t require separate controllers for your projector, screen, etc. It’s all linked so that when you wish to watch a movie, your equipment works out to your command.

Some of the best home theatre systems

  1. Truvison TV-Home Theater System Speaker

With USB drive, you can listen to your favorite music stored in your drive at a decibel you like. With Bluetooth enabled Audio system, you can enjoy your choice of music seamlessly.

Deal Price on Amazon – Rs. 5915
  1. Philips Dhoom Home Theater System (Blue)

Philips 2.1 Speaker with 20W sound output, these speakers are best for playing music, games, movies and online videos on both MAC and PC. You can use USB and SD card slots for photos and music playback. It works with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Deal Price on Amazon – Rs. 3439
  1. Sony HT-RT3 Real Sound bar Home Theatre System

It consists of HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) means audio is also carried back to your soundbar from compatible TVs, without the requirement for an extra audio cable. Every device linked to your TV can now be heard through the multibar, so you can enjoy all of your audio in high quality.

Deal Price on Amazon – Rs. 17990
  1. Philips Heart Beat SPA-3800B 5.1 Channel Home Theater System (Black/Yellow)

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that is best for robust and energy-efficient. The technology allows simple wireless connection to other Bluetooth devices, so you can play, you are listening to music from any smartphones, tablets or even laptops and many more.

Deal Price on Amazon – Rs. 4499

The idea of designing a personalized home theater system may appear a hard task for you, but it should not be. Amazon home theatre Systems are the best choice for an exclusive and immersive experience.

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